"Inspiring art from the heart. Wonderful bedside manner-enjoyable purchase process from high vibrational artist. Exceptional quality products that make the consumer feel happy. Namaste"

~ Om Community wellness event (New Westminster, BC, Canada)

I have to tell you that your art has given me so much pleasure. I feel like I have changed furniture....like my wee home has had a face lift just from two new mats of yours. Truly, madly, deeply, I love them, thank you for creating such beauty Carolyn.

~ Colleen (Burnaby BC, Canada)

“I fell in love with the Mehndi Rose as soon as I laid eyes on it. The design’s stunningly beautiful, and there’s something about the intricate detail of the layered, nested rose petals that just naturally draws you in. This mat has been a fantastic addition to my almost-daily meditation practice. On days where I’ve needed to summon strength and discipline, using the mandala has left me feeling focused, energized and buoyant. On other days where I’ve needed to be grounded and calmed, I’ve sat directly atop the mat to channel energy in a different way. I’d highly recommend this specific design for anyone desiring a little more fire for their intentions! Also, now that the beautiful yoga towels are available, I can’t wait to take one of those to class!”

~ Amanda (Vancouver BC, Canada)

"Each one of Carolyn Trotter's Mandala Blooms pieces are visually stunning and energizing! I practice vipassana meditation, which is traditionally done with closed eyes. At first, I was unsure of how to incorporate something visual into a non-visual practice. I found the mandala I chose to be an excellent tool for beginning meditation. It helps my mind focus when I begin to clear my thoughts. While gazing at the centre I feel calm and energized at the same time! I recommend using them in the morning sunlight - the colours are so vivid, you will feel happy for the rest of the day!" 

~Erika (Tsawwassen BC, Canada)

"After admiring all the various yoga art in studios and yoga centers along the west coast of North America, I have to say that I believe these meditation mats are of the highest quality. My family and I meditate every day and use the mandala center as the focal point when our minds become distracted. When we are not using the mat for meditation, we use it as a fabulous addition to our living room. In truth, I think the mat make my sons a little calmer when present in the room. I highly recommend these products for their art and for their attention to detail. Om"

~Anila (Richmond BC, Canada)