Mandala Yoga Towel - Yellow with Cherry Blossom and White Lotus


Double Mandala Yoga Mat Towel will help you find your balance and calm when your practice heats up.
Finding your plank pose filled with anxiety? Our mandalas are specifically designed to help you find peace through intense postures and provide you with a drishti as a point of focus.

High quality, plush Micro Suede towel.
Towel size is 25" X 72" (63.5cm X 183cm)
Wash before using. Made in Canada.

Flower meaning;
The Lotus flower is an important symbol in many cultures and most commonly represents purity and spiritual awakening. The Lotus is considered pure as it is able to emerge from the muddy waters where it grows, pristine and clean. It is for this reason, it is often seen as a symbol of rebirth and purity.
The white Lotus flower symbolizes awakening and represents purity of the mind and the spirit.
The Cherry Blossom represents renewal and the fragility and beauty of life. Although different Asian cultures have different meanings for the Cherry Blossom, they are often associated with overcoming obstacles in life and signify the strength and courage of a Samurai warrior.